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Malaysia is a tropical country blessed with many islands surrounded by clean blue waters. It consists of thirteen states and three federal territories. Geographical-wise, Malaysia is strategically located in Asia. It is blessed with finest beaches, lush green tropical rainforests, wonderful climate and culturally diverse, multi-ethnic and friendly people. Find out informations about Lifestyle, Sport, Program, Events, Restaurants, City, Town, Tourism, Accommodation in Malaysia.

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The best and most preferred magazine in Malaysia, we work with the mission of helping and informing people about the latest developments regarding their lifestyles and travelling needs, and let the people know everything of their choice and interest. You will find all this information and news in your magazine which will be helpful and greatly for your travelling and lifestyle and you enjoy your time both at home as well as in travelling elsewhere.

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Sport & Event

Whatever your destination is, if you intend to travel to Asia, Malaysia is a must one your itinerary. For sports lover then Malaysia features some great sport events. Make your Malaysia trip more enjoyable by attaining more information on sports in Malaysia. People in Malaysia usually play sports for their recreation and entertainment. In Malaysia, most of the leisure time is usually occupied by interesting sports competition.

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Welcome to our page and you will find everything here regarding your travel and lifestyle needs and wishes. We have designed this magazine by conducting surveys all over Malaysia and by getting the complete knowledge about the needs and requirements of the people. This thing differentiates us from many other publishers and magazines that we always publish the stuff according to the liking of the people and we keep on conducting surveys and taking feedbacks from people and improving our magazine and ourselves. No matter you want to get the magazine at your home or want to get it read on the internet we provide both the options and you can choose the most convenient one for you.